Bernard de Launoit, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Queen Elisabeth Musical Chapel


  • Thierry Chleide, composer and organist
  • Calogero Conti, Honorary Rector of the University of Mons
  • Jean-Paul Deplus, Chairman of the Hainaut Musical Festival
  • Bernard Fierens Gevaert, Deputy General Director of SAMBRINVEST Group
  • Ariane Fontenelle, European-International Advisor at the Emile Vandervelde Institute (IEV)
  • André Foulon, managing director of the Hainault Music Festival
  • Catherine Houdart, Alderman at the City of Mons
  • Isabelle Lamfalussy
  • Patrick Solvay, Director of Companies
  • Pascal Somville, Director of the Perwez Public Centre for Social Welfare (Wallon Brabant)
  • Simone Susskind, Member of Parliament of Brussels
  • Emmanuel Tondreau, Municipal Councillor
  • Fabienne Urbain, Municipal Councilor
  • Albert Wastiaux, Director of operations – Bozar
  • Fabienne Winckel, Member of Federal Parliament


Musical Director

Frank Braley (2014-2019)

General Director of the ORCW

Laurent Fack, General Director
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